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Black mulch garden bed featuring dwarf blue spruce tree, boulders, and Junipers


Understanding Manitoba's Climate:

Manitoba's climate presents unique challenges for landscaping, with cold winters, hot summers, and unpredictable weather patterns. When selecting plants for your landscape, it's essential to choose varieties that can thrive in our climate conditions. Opting for native and hardy plant species ensures better resilience and long-term success in your landscape design.

Choosing the Right Plants:

When it comes to plant selection, diversity is key. Incorporating a variety of plant species with different heights, colors, textures, and bloom times adds visual interest and depth to your landscape. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil type, and moisture levels when choosing plants, ensuring they are well-suited to their intended environment.

Seasonal Considerations:

In Manitoba, our landscape undergoes dramatic changes throughout the seasons. When planning your plantings, consider the seasonal dynamics and aim for year-round interest. Incorporate spring-blooming bulbs, summer-flowering perennials, fall foliage, and winter interest plants to ensure your landscape remains vibrant and appealing throughout the year. Our team will work with you during the design process to create your dream garden space to enhance your outdoor living space!

Watering and Maintenance:

Proper watering and maintenance are essential for the health and vitality of your plants, especially in Manitoba's climate. Be mindful of watering frequency and adjust based on weather conditions and plant needs. Mulching around plants helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and insulate roots from temperature fluctuations, promoting overall plant health. We always recommend having a sprinkler system installed to ensure that your plants are always watered at the most optimal times and with the correct amount of water to ensure that your garden remains looking healthy year-round.

Planning for Growth:

When installing plants in your landscape, it's crucial to consider their mature size and growth habits. Plant spacing and placement should allow for adequate growth and prevent overcrowding as plants mature. Regular pruning and maintenance help manage growth and maintain the desired shape and appearance of your landscape.

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